Here’s Where You Can Find The Best Pizza In The US

It’s the age-old question: which region has the best pizza? Do you love those foldable New York slices? What about the thick, filling deep-dish pies from Chicago? Perhaps Detroit style with its thick square slices and crispy cheese crust is your favorite. There are tons of different pizza styles, with some you may not even know about.


If you love pizzas of all different shapes and sizes, you may want to try them all. Salivating at the thought? Then pack your bags and fill the tank — here’s where you can find the best pizza in the US.


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New York City, NY | 0:00
Chicago, Illinois | 1:54
Detroit, Michigan | 3:16
St. Louis, Missouri | 4:52
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 6:24
Los Angeles, California | 7:45
Boston, Massachusetts | 9:03
Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 10:17
San Francisco, California | 11:23
Portland, Oregon | 12:23

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