Heavenly Marble Butter Cake /so delicious and easy

This delicious easy recipe will be one of your favorites. Children will be asking for this zebra cake every day, this zebra butter cake is very flavorful and also easy to make. you can make it for any occasion . I hope you like this video and support me with a like and subscription to my channel.


recipe for mold size 18 cm ~21 cm

4 eggs
200 g sugar
200 g flour
1, 1/2 tsp baking powder
160 g sour milk
1 packet sugar vanilla
1 tsp vanilla extract
90 g butter
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 Tbsp milk

150 g heavy cream
1~2 Tbsp icing sugar
chocolate sauce:
150 g dark chocolate
30 g butter
80 g heavy cream

grated white chocolate for decoration

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