Healthy and simple recipe: for fasting #3 / Tender cutlets: cabbage and fish: no eggs

As I practice Lent, I found it interesting to share my recipe ideas with you on this occasion! I will try to share a recipe every evening (in addition to the one I share every day at noon) for fasting, Lent (or Ramadan, because it can also be useful). Simple and quick recipes. Meat-free, dairy-free, sugar-free (except fruit) and egg-free recipes. Healthy recipes. The thumbnails of each recipe will present the ingredients used. Today, I offer you cutlets with white cabbage and fish (with us fish is allowed during fasting). Good tasting !


Ingredients :
450 g white cabbage (1/2 white cabbage)
2 fillets of white fish
50 g fine semolina (wheat semolina) 1/4 cup
50 g flour (I use spelled flour) 1/4 cup
1 shallot
1 handful of parsley
Ginger (dosage to your liking)
Almond powder

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