Ground Beef Myths Everyone Actually Believes

If you eat meat and cook at home, there’s a very good chance you’ve had a few pounds of ground beef in your fridge or freezer at one time or another. It’s a key component of a lot of easy, quick meals from burgers to tacos to chili to whatever you want to make with Hamburger Helper.


But for such a common and simple ingredient, there are a lot of things people do with ground beef that aren’t what you would call best practices. Know what not to do, and make yourself aware of these ground beef myths everyone actually believes.


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Color indicates freshness | 0:00
Only good for burgers | 1:07
Loading up the pan | 2:02
Packaged is best | 2:47
Fat percentage doesn’t matter | 3:42
Cooking in a cold pan | 4:48
Lean beef is healthy | 5:13
Direct from fridge to pan | 6:05
It doesn’t need seasoning | 6:47
It’s safe to walk away | 7:30
Thawing on the counter | 8:18
Constantly moving the meat | 9:03


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