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It’s time to get ready for Christmas and these ginger cookies are perfect.

▶Ginger Cookies◀
Yield: 8 cookies

Butter 85g
White Sugar 42g
Brown Sugar 42g
Whole eggs 28g
All purpose flour 142g
Baking soda 4.2g
Ginger powder 0.7g
Cinnamon powder 1.4g
Salt 0.4g
Molasses 48g

1. All ingredients at 20~22℃
2. Beat the butter smooth.
3. Add white sugar/brown sugar and beat.
4. Add the eggs in several additions.
5. Sift in the powder ingredients and add the molasses.
6. Split the dough into 40~45g each, roll the dough into a rough ball and roll it in light brown sugar.
7. (Preheat 180℃) Bake at 180℃ for 10~11mins.

Store at room temp. up to 5 days.


★My Ingredients★
Dark Couverture Chocolate:
White Couverture Chocolate:
Valhrona Cocoa Powder:
Snow Sugar:
Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce:

★My Equipments★
Oven: UNOX Bakerlux Shop.Pro Convection oven
Handmixer: Luxel or Tornado Standmixer: KitchenAid 5 Qrt Bowl-Lift or Kenwood 7 Qrt (
Silicone Mat: Silpat( or Silpat equivalent( Perforated Silicone Mat (Mesh): Silpat
Hand Blender: Braun MQ 7035X (
Food Processor: Hanil (
Stand Blender: Vitamix QuietOne ( Infrared Thermometer:
Leveling Bar: This is not the same levelling bar as the one I have used as I bought mine locally in Korea. However, this is the closest I could find:
Zester: Microplane (
Whisk: Matfer

Hi! I’m Hanbit, professional pastry chef and CEO of Sugar Lane Baking Academy based in Seoul, Korea. Funny enough, my background had nothing to do with baking – far from it. I studied mathematics at university and then worked in finance, strategy consulting and IT. Then one day in 2018, I quit my job and enrolled at a pastry school. I have loved it ever since!

As my story suggests, I really enjoy being a pastry chef and I am keen to share the joy of baking with as many people as possible. Baking can seem daunting at first but as long as you take it step-by-step anyone can do it – even someone with no baking background like myself managed to become a professional pastry chef!

I’ll try my best to include detailed explanations and tips in my recipes so that you will be able to bake amazing desserts. I aim to create videos that can be enjoyed by people at all levels – those who bake for fun as well as those who want to get more serious.


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