Foods You Should Absolutely Never Put In The Microwave

Arguably the most versatile appliance in any kitchen, a microwave is a must-have for any home, apartment, or even office break room. With the ability to heat up your food in seconds — not to mention cook certain pre-packaged meals altogether — microwaves are super fast and extremely easy to use. But just because you can stick a food item in your microwave and nuke it to high heaven, that doesn’t always mean that you should. In fact, depending on the food in question, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise when your microwaved meal leads to illness. With that in mind, these are foods you should absolutely never put in the microwave.


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Fish | 0:00
Chili peppers | 1:11
Processed meat | 2:11
Grapes | 3:08
Tomato-based pasta sauce | 4:03
Frozen meat | 4:53
Broccoli | 5:37
Leftover potatoes and mushrooms | 6:35
Bread | 7:26
Water for tea | 8:12
Raw kale and other leafy greens | 9:04
Frozen berries | 9:50

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