Foods You Should Absolutely Never Eat For Breakfast

Foods You Should Absolutely Never Eat For Breakfast

It’s really hard to know which food trends to keep up with. Should you eat low carb or low fat? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day, or should you do intermittent fasting? Is butter bad? Is margarine worse?

It’s particularly hard to keep up first thing in the morning. But luckily, you don’t really need to be up on the latest trends to know what to eat for breakfast. You can just adhere to the tenets of food science. We’ve scoured all the studies and expert recommendations to discover what not to eat in the morning. Here are the foods you should absolutely never eat for breakfast, and some you should.

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Don’t eat: Breakfast pastries | 0:00
Don’t eat: Flavored yogurt | 1:16
Don’t drink: Green juice | 2:06
Don’t drink: Frappuccinos | 2:57
Don’t eat: Granola bars | 3:56
Don’t eat: Pancakes with artificial maple syrup | 4:55
Eat: Eggs | 5:54
Eat: Oatmeal with fruit and nuts | 6:55
Eat: Bananas with nut butter | 7:40
Eat: Breakfast salad | 8:33
Eat: Sweet potatoes | 9:33
Eat: Natto | 10:23

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