Foods That We Stopped Seeing In 2021

Supply chain issues are a hot topic in late 2021, and have forced many food companies to drastically rethink their production strategies. The culprit? COVID-19, of course. The name of the game used to be abundance and variety, but major players in the industry like Kraft-Heinz and Starbucks have been forced to dial back the novelty a bit and remove certain items from store shelves. From ice cream to alt milks and oh, so many chips, some food items barely made it through the year, thanks to issues with the supply chain. Here are a few foods we stopped seeing in 2021.


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Lay’s Dill Pickle Potato Chips | 0:00
Starbucks hazelnut syrup | 1:05
Oat milk | 1:59
All Dressed Ruffles | 2:55
U.K. McDonald’s shakes | 3:43
Lunchables | 4:47
Starbucks iced green teas | 5:41
Coca-Cola with Coffee | 6:26
Grape-Nuts | 7:21
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Sammie | 8:12
Doritos Spicy Nacho | 9:08

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