Foods That Can Actually Become Toxic When Reheated

Anyone who’s even done a little bit of cooking knows some food safety basics about handling raw foods like chicken, beef, vegetables, and so on. But did you know there are also safety risks associated with food that’s already been cooked? Yes, those leftovers sitting in your fridge could make you sick if not stored, handled, and reheated properly.


If you’re not sure about the safest ways to deal with leftovers, take special caution with these specific foods, making sure you reheat them to a safe temperature after storing them in the safest ways possible. These are foods that can actually become toxic when reheated.


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Rice | 0:00
Chicken | 1:21
Potatoes | 2:37
Mushrooms | 3:33
Seafood | 4:21
Nitrate-rich vegetables | 5:34
Processed meats | 6:45
Spicy Peppers | 7:28
Pork | 8:31
Oil | 9:54
Buffet food | 10:47

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