Favorite Cream Cheese Blueberry Madeleines

The cream cheese makes it soft and the blueberry jam in the Madeleine is not boring.
When making jam, add 20~25% sugar to the amount of blueberries, and if the taste of blueberries is not sour,
Be sure to add enough lemon juice as in my recipe. That way, the Madeleines will be the best. (If the blueberries are quite sour, you can reduce the amount of lemon juice.)
Jam is not used immediately after making it.
At least 8 hours to a day after cooling, it should be slightly thick.
If it is too thin, it will sink to the bottom while baking.
The amount of jam made in the video are enough to make 5 times of 9 blueberry madeleines.


The difference with this madeleine is that I used a deep madeleine pan (9 madeleines).
This cream cheese blueberry madeleine has jam inside, so the hump doesn’t rise well.
So, if you bake in a regular Madeleine pan, your madeleines’ humps will come out plat.
So if you use a deep madeleine pan which can contain more batter, then you will get humps.
If there is no filling inside, the bellys will rise very high.
After the batter is aged, it will become a little thick. Leave it at room temperature for a little bit to remove the cold and pan it. Otherwise, it may not swell while baking.
In the case of a regular madeleine pan rather than a deep pan, adjust the baking time.


I tried the blueberry-flavored coating chocolate( candy melts).
In fact, it tastes better without the coating chocolate.
But I wanted to give it adecoration. 😁


Now, shall we make it?


♥︎ Blueberry Jam (about 5 madeleines)

300 g blueberries (frozen berries are OK)
60 g sugar
4g cornstarch
15 g lemon juice

♥︎ Madeleine batter (9 for deep pans / 12 for regular pans)

30g unsalted butter
62g cake flour
12g almond powder
3 g baking powder
1 g salt

60g cream cheese
66g sugar
1 egg (52 g)
1 egg yolk (18g)
8 g honey

3g lemon zest

♥︎ For decorating
blueberry flavored coating chocolate
(A deep madeleine pan needs 9-10g of melted chocolate each.)

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