Fast Food Workers Reveal What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

The world of fast food can be shrouded in mystery. Even though most customers don’t think twice about the secrets behind their favorite items, some may wonder if what they’re eating is truly worth the price they pay. They may also be curious about certain ingredients that go into the food.


While companies generally like to keep their methods hidden from the public as much as possible, it’s difficult to keep everything under wraps once an employee leaves. Fortunately, plenty of fast food workers reveal what really goes on behind the scenes.


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Not bread | 0:00
Not so fresh | 1:04
Bang for your buck | 1:45
Difference in the sauce | 2:23
Exposing secrets | 3:13
Surprising ingredients | 3:53
Size doesn’t matter | 4:42
String cheese pizza | 5:23
Trick for fresh eggs | 6:05
Watching you | 6:50

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