False Facts About Pizza Everyone Actually Believes

Having a hard time deciding what to eat? Are you with friends who can’t agree on what to order? If so, pizza is always a safe choice. It’s a classic dish that is loved by almost all foodies. It’s versatile, cheap, and easily customizable. How could you not love it?


With food as beloved as pizza, it’s bound to have a following. And whenever something has a following, myths are sure to exist. Think you know everything there is to know about this delicious food? Here are some false facts about pizza everyone actually believes.

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Pizza is Italian | 0:00
Everyone loves pizza | 1:35
It always needed tomato sauce | 2:56
Pepperoni is Italian | 4:02
The tale of Margherita | 5:03
Pizza is bad news for breakfast | 6:29
Soldiers made pizza popular | 7:32
Hawaiian pizza is Hawaiian | 8:37
Nothing weirder than Hawaiian pizza | 9:57


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