False Facts About KFC Everyone Actually Believes

Ever hear the story about the KFC customer who received a fried rat with their order of fried chicken? For whatever reason, urban legends like this one tend to attach themselves to KFC, perhaps even more-so than with its competition. Over the years, these tall tales have really piled up, and we’re happy to serve up a steaming hot batch of these to you today. Does KFC produce its chickens in labs? Was Colonel Sanders a real war commander? Just who, exactly, is responsible for the Colonel’s legendary blend of 11 herbs and spices? These are false facts about KCF everyone actually believes.


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Colonel Sanders was a real army Colonel | 0:00
The mysterious recipe was stolen | 1:23
The baseball curse | 2:12
The secret got out | 3:24
Mutant chickens | 4:24
Claims of false advertising | 5:27
One deep-fried rat | 6:36

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