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Fake Foods You’ve Been Tricked Into Buying

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Fake Foods You’ve Been Tricked Into Buying

Care for some wood pulp on your ‘sketti’? Enjoy a hot lentil latte? Sipping a dirty chloroform-tini? When it comes to these culinary fake outs, the joke’s on you!

#Fake #Foods #Tricked

No officer, it’s Parmesan | 0:00
Trick tilapia | 1:04
Horse, of course! | 1:46
No EVOO about it | 2:37
Saffron psyche-out | 3:26
Yellow powdered whatever | 4:30
Corn syrup "honey" | 5:10
No way, Kobe | 6:02
Coffee ‘n fillers | 7:09
Vodka schmodka | 8:04
Define that, please | 9:18
Non-GMO-ish | 10:27

Voiceover By: Emily Brown

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