Every Tool A Sushi Chef Uses For A 30-Course Omakase | Bon Appétit

Join chef Junichi Matsuzaki from the renowned Noz 17 in New York as he brings you behind the counter to demonstrate every tool he uses in preparing a 30-course omakase dinner.

0:00 Introduction
0:31 Deba Knife
1:04 Unagi Bocho
1:21 Usuba Knife
1:37 Mukimono
2:00 Kengata Yanagi
2:25 Aoko
2:58 Kana-Oroshi
3:41 Oroshiki
4:03 Manaita
5:10 Netabako
5:52 Hida-Shunkei
6:04 Uni Box
6:34 Matchawan
6:56 Ceramic Bowl
7:27 Mishima-Style
8:33 Handai/Hangiri
9:04 Shamoji
9:26 Ohitsu
9:40 Suribachi and Surikogi
9:56 Small Suribachi and Surikogi
10:05 Geta
10:50 Bonzaru
11:27 Dentou Kougei
11:46 Makisu
12:12 Bamboo Spice Shaker
13:02 Yattoko Nabe
13:18 Yattoko
14:03 Yukihira Nabe
14:36 Tamago Pan
14:56 Steamer
15:34 Hagama Rice Cooker
16:40 Uchiwa Fan
16:56 Chopsticks
18:14 Urokokaki
18:34 Brass Urokokaki
19:11 Small Spoon

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