Employees Reveal The Hard Truth About Olive Garden

Olive Garden — is it true that when you’re there, you’re family? Some customers may feel that way, but what about employees?

Working as a server is never an easy job. You’re on your feet the whole time, and constantly on your toes to make sure everyone receives what they ordered and in a timely manner. With their bottomless offer of soup, salad, and breadsticks, you might think it’s even harder than your typical serving job. If you’ve ever wondered what servers go through at the Darden-owned chain, you’re in luck! These workers reveal what it’s really like to work at Olive Garden.


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Discount perks for other restaurants | 0:00
Unlimited menu items cause stress | 1:03
No more Olive Garden cravings? | 1:58
The food is made fresh | 2:33
Breadstick battle scars | 3:19
A great place to work | 4:03
Endless cheese-grating | 4:46
Culinary institute isn’t exactly legit | 5:40
Discriminatory tipping policies | 6:37


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