Easy Pita Bread Recipe- for Gyros, shawarmas, hot pockets | Enjoy

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* 455 g = 3 cups all purpose flour
* 8 g = 1 tbsp dry active or instant yeast
* 8g = 1 tsp salt
* 12g = 1 tbsp sugar
* 1 tbsp cooking oil
* 1 cup = 240 ml water
*** mix ingredients till dough is soft, and smooth, then proof in an oiled bowl, covered with a lid or cling wrap. Keep in a warm place till doubled or tripled in size. Deflate dough, and portion into 6 pieces, and form into small balls. Cover with cling wrap, and towel, allow to proof a second time for 30 mins, or doubled. Flour work surface, and roll each dough out to 3-4 cm thick. Heat up a pan on medium heat, and place a rolled dough in pan. Flip, when few bobbles form, wait for the bread to balloon. Move bread around gently in hot pan to allow for completion of ballooning effect. Enjoy your pita bread as a stuffable bread, breakfast style, with a quick salad, or as a Gyro, or your shawarma wrapper, or even as a hot pocket. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!!!


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