EASY Mee Bandung | the EGG DROP Tomato Ketchup Noodles You Will Love!

OPEN f or ingredients! How to make easy Mee Bandung, a Malay noodle dish of eggs and prawns poached in a savoury sweet tomato ketchup-based gravy.

2-3 Servings or 400g Yellow Hokkien Noodles, blanched
Mee Bandung Sauce:
2-3 tbsps Cooking Oil
1 tbsp Dried Chilli Paste
1 tbsp Dried Shrimps, blended or mashed
1 Onion, chopped
2-3 cloves Garlic, minced
1/2 cup or 4-5 tbsps Toma to Ketchup
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
600ml Water
200g Prawn
100g Beef, sliced (optional)
2 tsps Salt, or to taste
2 tsps Sugar, or to taste
A handful of Bok Choy (or Mustard Greens / Chye Sim)
4 Eggs
Fried Shallots
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