East Coast Fast Food Chains We Wish Were Everywhere

The East Coast of the United States birthed some of the biggest fast food chains around, like Chick-fil-A and Burger King. But there are also plenty of regional chains in both the South and the Northeast that deserve the spotlight, too. If you’re from the left coast, you may never have heard of some of these beloved brands.

From delicious fried chicken to vegetarian burgers to even tasty hushpuppies, these East Coast fast-food chains have lots to offer to the regions they serve. If you’re from the Western U.S. and are looking for a quick meal while you travel, you can’t beat these options. Here are some East Coast fast food chains we wish were everywhere.

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Bojangles | 0:00
Cook Out | 1:19
Wawa | 2:05
The Varsity | 3:07
Biscuitville | 4:04
Friendly’s | 5:02
Zaxby’s | 6:01
Rita’s Italian Ice | 7:02
Bareburger | 7:56
Shake Shack | 8:59
Pal’s Sudden Service | 10:10

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