Duff Goldman On Why We’ll Never See A Return Of Ace Of Cakes

Duff Goldman On Why We'll Never See A Return Of Ace Of Cakes

If you don’t know the name Duff Goldman, you might be familiar with the title of his long-running Food Network show "Ace of Cakes," which delved into the world of extreme cake decorating. The show made Goldman a legit food TV star, and since it went off the air in 2011, he’s appeared on lots of baking shows and continued to grow Charm City Cakes, the Baltimore bake shop featured in "Ace of Cakes."

In an interview with Mashed, Goldman explained that he doesn’t foresee "Ace of Cakes" making a return to the airwaves, but maybe not for the reason you’d think. Sure, he’s plenty busy with his other shows, but there’s something essential to "Ace of Cakes" that isn’t there anymore. Here’s Duff Goldman on why we’ll never see a return of "Ace Of Cakes."


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