Do you have cabbage at home? Delicious dinner with simple ingredients! cabbage recipe

Do you have cabbage at home? Delicious dinner with simple ingredients! cabbage recipe

A simple and delicious cabbage recipe! Why didn’t I know about this cabbage recipe? This is a great and easy cabbage recipe. A wonderful combination of cabbage, veggies and pasta! Fragrant and incredibly delicious! Cabbage is very good for lunch or dinner!
This delicious recipe is perfect for a festive table setting or for the New Year. Remember this cabbage recipe! We make this recipe for the whole family – enough for everyone! Tasty and easy! Do you have cabbage at home?


1/2 cabbage
1 onion
100 ml tomato sauce
salt and pepper
Olive oil
350 g pasta
a small bunch of dill or parsley to garnish

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