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Do this every Sunday and your week will be better! Amazing Butter Recipe!

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Do this every Sunday and your week will be better! Amazing Butter Recipe!

This flavored butter will give another dimension to your dishes, sandwiches, etc… I make it every Sunday to have it ready for the whole week. I use it in my dishes, it gives an incredible taste (I am often asked what is the secret ingredient in my casseroles). This is my favorite recipe for flavored butter, all the ingredients have an important role and bring balance to the dish. But I have other homemade flavored butters that I treasure to vary the pleasures. With this quick recipe, you will also have confit garlic. Good tasting !

Ingredients :
about 14 garlic cloves
250g salted butter
3 chillies
2 bay leaves
1 cinnamon stick

1 – You can use unsalted butter.
2 – You can also use quality margarine to replace the butter.
3 – The pepper here plays an intense flavor role (but for all that, it does not make the butter spicy). However, if you are afraid of using it as an ingredient, you can substitute 1 red bell pepper.
4 – I tried the experiment with shallot or onion but the result is not nearly as tasty.
5 – You can replace the bay leaf with thyme or oregano or Provencal herbs for example.
6 – You can also make a version for your sweet cakes and other pastries/desserts (with unsalted butter) and spices such as: cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star anise, nutmeg, coriander, etc…
7 – Refrigerating melted butter is safe.
8 – I plant the garlic cloves in the butter (this prevents the garlic cloves from burning (waiting for the butter to melt).
9 – Why cook instead of mixing everything in butter at room temperature? For the taste! The aromatization will be increased tenfold.
10 – When I say that I do it every Sunday – it’s an image – it means that it’s still 2 or 3 times a month. According to our needs.

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