Delicious with Only Egg and Cheese. Sweet Pumpkin Pot! Super Easy!! Cook in Microwave

Egg and lots of cheese in Sweet mini pumpkin! It is a really delicious Mini Sweet Pumpkin Egg Cheese (Pumpkin Eggslut). It is very simple and easy to prepare but the taste is very good and healthy. Please enjoy watching the video.


Ingredients :
1.Mini sweet pumpkin

  1. Egg
    3 Pizza Cheese (Cheddar Cheese)
  2. Optional: Onion, Bacon, Tomato sauce, or anything you like.
NO oven! Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies! Simple ingredients! NO Baking powder/ soda.
One minute! Strawberry smoothie! Sherbet Ice Cream! Cool and yummy. Super Easy.

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