Delicious Oreo chocolate roll – prepare in only 5 minutes No Oven, No Flour, No Eggs, No Bake

This oreo chocolate roll cake only take few minutes to prepare, has light sponge cake, creamy filling inside, Rich and totally irresistible, this dessert does not require any baking process, not even eggs, not even flour too, It is an impressive yet so delicious & satisfying recipe to make which fit for any occasion. Enjoy


oreo biscuits 300g
banana 1 & 1/2p (medium size)
whipping cream – 200ml
powdered sugar 1/3 cup
nutella 2tbsp
some oreo biscuits for decoration


FULL CUP 250ML | HALF CUP 125ml | 1/3 CUP 80ML | 1/4 CUP 60ML | 1 TBSP 15ML | 1/2 TBSP 7.5ML | 1 TSP 5 ML | 1/2 TSP 2.5ML ! ***

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