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Delicious homemade quick and tasty candies in 10 minutes

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Delicious homemade quick and tasty candies in 10 minutes

These Quick and tasty candies are one of the most delicious homemade sweets in 1 minutes. If you really want to eat something extraordinary, you will probably transform those 10 minutes in 5 minutes no bake desserts. Instead of the classic tiramisu recipe you can make this easy dessert recipes with few ingredients. This coffee cake recipe with mascarpone and nutella is a very tender dessert. Try this dessert and it will be your favourite quick and tasty candies, very delicious sweets in 10 minutes.

– 1.5 teaspoon of instant coffee;
– 30 ml of hot water;
– 250 g mascarpone;
– 50 g powdered sugar;
– 140 g lady fingers( sponge fingers);
– cocoa powder;
– Nutella.
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