Crispy Bhindi Popcorn Bites Recipe – Kids Snack | 10 Mins Tea Time Okra Bites or Fried Okra Bajji

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Crispy Bhindi Popcorn Recipe | Okra Popcorn | Fried Okra Bajji with detailed photo and video recipe. An ideal tasty and crispy munching snack recipe prepared with sliced okra dipped and coated in pakora batter. It can be a perfect evening tea-time snack with a cup of coffee or tea if not as a side dish snack for lunch and dinner. Typically, the snack is loaded with all the necess ary spices and herbs, but taste’s great when served with a spicy or tangy tomato sauce.


Crispy Bhindi Popcorn Recipe | Okra Popcorn | Fried Okra Bajji with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Deep fried popcorn or bites are a popular snack, especially with young audiences in urban cities. These are generally made with meat, potato, or paneer protein which makes it an ideal crispy and tasty munching snack. Yet it can also be prepared with other types of hero ingredients and okra is one such tasty ingredient to prepare unique and innovative Bhindi Popcorn Bites.



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