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BACOLOD, PHILIPPINES – Bacolod is known for its amazing chicken inasal, for it’s giant bone marrow cansi, and finally for its delicious fresh seafood. Today for lunch we’re going to go eat at one of the best Filipino seafood restaurants in Bacolod!

Diotay’s Eatery ( – Welcome to Diotay’s Seafood Eatery, where they have one of the most jaw dropping displays of seafood you can imagine – all the seafood is laid out on ice in the front of the restaurant, from huge fish to giant shells to everything in between. One of the best things is that you can pick and choose whatever seafood you want and you can order it in a variety of different cooking methods and flavors.

We made sure to get some of their best specialties including grouper head sinigang, adobo squid, flaming hot iron marlin, and garlic shrimp. I was lucky enough to have the chance to go into the kitchen and watch some of the action packed cooking that included series wok fires. The cooking skills were incredible. Also, one of my favorite dishes was the local Bacolod styles sinigang, a sour soup in the Philippines. Again, the broth was made from Batwan fruit (garcinia binucao), a special local fruit.

Total price – 4,000 PHP ($72.84) for everything

Big thank you to Martin from The Bacolod Food Hunters ( for taking me around on this day of eating in Bacolod, Philippines.





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