Chocolate Coffee Mousse cake. Find a Message on it.

This video is a Coffee mousse cake decorated with chocolate.
Many people expected opera cake or tiramisu from the image on community board.
Sorry, It’s not an opera cake, but it’s a cake with a similar taste. It’s so delicious.
I layered a moist chocolate almond sponge cake with coffee mousse.
I am going to show you how to easily tamper couverture chocolate to make a chocolate plate.
I have hidden it in the thumbnail, but there is also my message on the cake. Check it out in the video.. ^^
Please find out in the video.😊


♥︎ Chocolate plate
130g dark couverture chocolate (Callebaut 57.9% )
52g dark couverture chocolate for extra (Callebaut57.9% )

♥︎ Chocolate for lettering
Dark coating chocolate : Dark couverture chocolate = 7 : 3

♥︎ Almond Chocolate Sponge
70g cake flour
40g almond powder
24g cocoa powder
3 eggs (158g)
1 egg yolk (20g)
115g sugar
86g egg white + 62g sugar
60g warmed heavy cream (50℃)


♥︎ Coffee Mousse
5g gelatin
160g milk
4g instant coffee
4g vanilla extract
2 egg yolks
70g light brown sugar
7g cake flour (or cornstarch)
350g whipped cream

♥︎ Coffee Syrup
60g water
25g sugar
1 to 2g instant coffee

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