Chocolate cake box in microwave! Only 2 minutes! Chocolate cake recipe

Chocolate cake box in microwave – Today it is our really easy chocolate box cake recipe – perfect for any occasion. Simple chocolate cake in microwave take only 2 minutes to make, This best chocolate cake recipe loaded with nutella, just the perfect balance of sweetness, You don’t have to worry that the cake will be collapse. As it’s so soft and light, after starting to eat it, you just can’t stop. Delicious & Satisfying.


ingredients :
Flour (maida) 8tbsp
sugar 3tbsp
cocoa powder 2tbsp
pinch of salt
melted butter 3 tbsp
milk 6 tbsp
dark chocolate 1 tbsp or 20g
baking powder 1/2 tsp
nutella 1 tbsp
some sprinkles on top – optional

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