Chocolate brownie cake with cocoa powder & Chocolate Ganache

This is the best chocolate brownie cake, in fact, this is the ultimate
simple moist chocolate cake recipe with cocoa powder & super delicious chocolate Ganache . It is dense, fudgy, light, and fluffy all at the same time. It is great for a special occasion & simple chocolate cake recipe.

for the cake:
melted butter unsalted – 160g
cocoa powder 1/2 cup (50g)
3 eggs – room temperature
sugar 1 cup (200g)
vanilla extract 1tsp
all purpose flour 1 cup (120g)
baking powder 1tsp


for the chocolate ganache-
semi sweet dark chocolate 100g
milk chocolate 20g
milk (hot) 1/3 cup (80ml)
grated chocolate on top – optional

box tin size 5×10 inch

  • baking time – bake preheated oven at 170c for 30 to 35 minutes
  • CUP SIZE: FULL CUP 250ML | HALF CUP 125ml | 1/3 CUP 80ML | 1/4 CUP 60ML | 1 TBSP 15ML | 1/2 TBSP 7.5ML | 1 TSP 5 ML | 1/2 TSP 2.5ML! *
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