Chicken Mechado

Subukan mu ito lutuin sa manok at siguradong mapapakain ka ng marami.

Mechado na ginamitan ng manok imbes na baboy at baka. Masarap at mabilis lutuin.

1/2 kilo chicken
1 sliced onion
2 cloves minced garlic
2 pcs quartered green bell peppers
1 quartered carrot
1 quartered potato
1 Can green peas
150ml tomato sauce
2 tbsp calamansi juice
1/2 LT water
3 pcs bayleaf
2 tbsp Oyster sauce
1/4 cup Soy sauce
Salt and pepper to taste

1. In a bowl, marinate chicken in soy sauce, osyter sauce, and pepper for atleast 30 min.
2. Next, pan fry potatoes until slighlty golden. Remove from pan when slightly golden. Repeat process with carrot and green bell peppers. Set aside.
3. In the same pan, put chicken and cook for 5 to 6 minutes per side or until cooked. Remove when chicken is done and set aside.
4. After removing chicken, saute onion and garlic. Add water and tomato sauce. Pour marinade into the pan.
5. Add bayleaf, simmer a bit.
6. Return cooked chicken into the pan.
7. Add vegetables and simmer for about 3 minutes or until potatoes cooked and sauce thicken or starts rendering oil.
8. Season with salt and pepper.
9. Simmer for a bit. Turn off fire.
10. Transfer to a serving plate.
11. Enjoy!

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