Cheese Bread baked in frying pan. Flatbread in 10 minutes! No Oven, No yeast, No egg

This is the Tastiest Cheese Flatbread I’ve ever eaten! Anyone can make this recipe at home. No yeast, No oven! The perfect cheese bread recipe for breakfast. Dip it in curry and you won’t regret it. Recipe for 4 pieces of flatbread.

Flat Bread recipe ingredients:
1 tsp salt (5 grams)
240 grams of flour (1 1/2 cups)
150 ml warm milk (3/5 cup)


bunch of parsley
150 grams of cheddar cheese
small bunch of dill
60 grams of butter


The cup I used is 250 ml.

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Potato Bread is the tastiest I've ever eaten! No oven! Anyone can do it. Bread baked in frying pan!
No-Oven! Potato Cheese Flatbread is the most Delicious and Easy Bread you will ever make!

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