Cheap Steaks You Should And Shouldn’t Buy

For the carnivorous among us, it’s hard to go wrong with a well-prepared, melt-in-your-mouth steak. After all, a good piece of red meat — cooked exactly to one’s liking — is like a shot of pure comfort straight to the tummy. And while experimenting with different cuts and cooking methods is never a bad thing, there are definitely unwritten rules about which red meat cuts are worth your hard-earned cash and which you should avoid, even if they’re easier on your wallet than something a little pricier. With this in mind, let’s dive fork-first into a list of 14 cheap steaks you should and shouldn’t buy.

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Should: Blade chuck steak | 0:00
Should: Shoulder steak | 1:17
Should: Tri-tip steak | 2:07
Should: Denver steak | 2:59
Should: Ranch steak | 3:56
Should: Top blade steak | 4:47
Shouldn’t: Top round steak | 5:51
Shouldn’t: Bottom round steak | 6:31
Shouldn’t: Chuck center steak | 7:21
Shouldn’t: Chuck eye steak | 8:06
Shouldn’t: Skirt steak | 9:00
Shouldn’t: Flank steak | 9:50

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