Cheap Meats You Should And Shouldn’t Buy

If you’re a fan of meat and you also try to manage your funds, you may want to find some ways to cut down on your shopping bill. Meat can be rather expensive, so it pays to know what you should and shouldn’t buy. Fortunately, quality doesn’t always break the bank, and if you know what to look for, you can really save a lot of money. Take it from us, you can still enjoy your favorite dishes while having enough cash left over to pay your electricity bill. These are the cheap meats you should and shouldn’t buy.


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Should: Pork butt/shoulder | 0:00
Shouldn’t: Ground turkey | 1:06
Should: Lamb breast | 2:26
Shouldn’t: Pre-ground beef | 3:23
Should: Pork loin | 4:32
Shouldn’t: Boneless, skinless chicken breast | 5:29
Should: Beef chuck | 6:41
Shouldn’t: Sausage | 7:39
Should: Chicken thighs | 8:41
Shouldn’t: Chicken nuggets | 9:27
Should: Drumsticks | 10:52
Shouldn’t: Boneless pork chops | 11:44


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