Chain Restaurant Breadsticks Ranked From Worst To Best


Chain Restaurant Breadsticks Ranked From Worst To Best

What’s more tempting than carb-laden, saucy, possibly cheesy breadsticks? They’re so simple: A mass of dough stretched to the perfect portable size, sprinkled with garlic, butter and other savory goodies, baked to warm golden perfection. If you eat one, you’ll want to eat a dozen.

But like most things, breadsticks are not all created equal. If you buy a batch from a chain fast-casual restaurant or pizza place, the quality will vary pretty drastically, from bland to bursting with flavor. And you want to avoid the sticks that aren’t up to snuff, right? Don’t worry. We’ve got the answers for you. Here are chain restaurant breadsticks, ranked from worst to best.

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Little Caesars | 0:00
Chuck E. Cheese | 1:09
Chicago’s Pizza | 2:01
Fazoli’s | 2:49
Applebee’s | 3:56
Olive Garden | 4:43
Marco’s Pizza | 5:41
Pizza Hut | 6:33
Papa John’s | 7:24
Domino’s Pizza | 8:21
Blaze Pizza | 9:18

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