Candied lemon peel: Recipe for weekends / Lemon candies / How to peel 1 lemon

It’s time to make candied lemon peels! Whether it’s for the holidays or not, it’s the perfect candy to enjoy with family and share with friends. Recipe for delicious candied lemon peel without bitterness! You can blanch the skin of lemons twice to also avoid bitterness, but I don’t do that anymore because it works very well that way since we remove the bitter part (the white part of the peel). It is also an ideal gift to offer for the summer for example. These sweets will make you happy. A 3-in-1 recipe: with this recipe you will also get a lemon syrup and small candied lemon peels to add to your cakes, pastries, to decorate your sweet recipes. I show you how to peel 1 lemon simply and effectively. A recipe with 3 ingredients. An economical recipe, anti-waste. You can replace the sugar with a chocolate coating. Good tasting !


Ingredients :
6 small organic lemons
300 ml of water (1 cup + ¼ cup)
200g sugar (1 cup)

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