It is very easy and quick recipe.
Recipe and ingredients are so simple that anyone can make this cake sandwich.

👉 Ingredients

5 egg yolk
Salt 1gm
Sugar powder 50gm (for egg yolk)
Cake flour 90gm
Baking powder 2gm
Vegetable oil 50gm
Sugar 70g ( for egg whites )

Take 5 egg yolks add salt and 50g sugar. Mix until light and foamy. Its volume should increase.
Then take egg whites, whisk a little then add 70 gm of sugar in three different parts little by little.
Meringue is very important and it should form stiff peaks.
Add egg yolk mix. Slowly mix with soft hands.
Then sift in flour and baking powder together.
Mix until you don’t see any flour.
Mix some cake batter to the vegetables oil and combine with the remaining cake batter. You can add vanilla if you prefer.
Mix well then its ready to be baked.
Pour the batter in a baking tray and hit the tray from top to bottom to remove air bubbles.
Bake in preheated oven at 170°C for 30 mins.
Remove the paper immediately to prevent from wrinkling.
Then cut as per desired shape and apply any jam you like , I used blueberry.

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