Bread Chilli Manchurian Recipe 10 Mins – Perfect Tea Time Evening Snack | Spicy & Tasty Bread Snack

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Chilli Bread Recipe | Spicy & Tasty Bread Snack – Party Starter with detailed photo and video recipe. Basically a spicy and tasty version of the bread upma or manchurian prepared with crisp bread and green chillies. It can be an ideal part starter or served as an appetiser which does not require any additional preparations or deep frying. The sauce prepared for this chilli dish is a generic sauce and hence can be used for any other ingredients like paneer, mushroom, gobi or potatoes.


Chilli Bread Recipe | Spicy & Tasty Bread Snack – Party Starter with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Sandwich or toast bread was mainly introduced for morning breakfast with basic vegetables or meat additional. However, the usage of bread has significantly extended and it is used in different types of meals including snacks, starters and street food. One such simple and easy party starter snack meal is the chilli bread recipe known for its sweet and spice taste.



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