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Fermenting maestro Brade Leone is back with the next episode of It’s Alive and this time he’s turned his pickling attention to the venerable avocado. One of the best parts about Brad’s method is it calls for unripened avocados, meaning there’s no fussing around waiting for the perfect consistency. Just a few ingredients and a little patience yields a jar of pickled avocado goodness, ready to add a kick to any dish.

Director: Cory Cavin
Producer: Parisa Kosari
Editor: Micah Phillips
Assistant Editor: JC Scruggs
Director of Photography: Kevin Dynia
Camera Operator: Paige David Kaplan
Audio: Steve Errato
Culinary Producer: Mallary Santucci
Associate Culinary Producer: Jackie Beal
Production Assistant: Jay Miles
Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone
Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg

Bon Appetit Video Team
June Kim
Ali Inglese
Dan Siegel
Rhoda Boone
Carolyn Gagnon
Jonathan Wise
Holly Patton
Myra Rivera
Billy Keenly

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Brad Makes Pickled Avocado | It’s Alive | Bon Appêtit

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