Boodle Fight!! VILLAGE FOOD in Philippines – Unforgettable Filipino Food!!

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CORDOVA, PHILIPPINES – Today I’m hanging out with my friends @BhenYuri and we’ve been invited over to the @yangcofamilymukbang9627 who make family village food and mukbang videos. They are cooking one of the greatest Filipino food meal experiences you can have – a boodle fight!

Cordova is just a short drive from Cebu, yet it’s a totally different world – quiet, relaxing, and still some countryside. The Yangco family has a fantastic property with a farm, vegetables, and even chickens. A boodle fight is a communal style of eating where everyone stands around a table and eats together communally. For this Filipino food boodle fight they are making a couple dishes – a very unique roasted chicken in a tin can wrapped in a banana stalk. Humba bisaya, a braised pork stew that’s one of the favorite dishes of the Visayas, and finally kinalaw – raw fish marinated in vinegar, and this time with grilled pork.

Once all the dishes were finished cooking we then set the table with everything – the rice on first, all the meat and side dishes, and even fruits around the table. It was an absolute feast, and one of the best Filipino food meals I’ve ever had!

Thank you to my friends Bhen and Yuri:

And huge thank you to Yangco Family:





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