Big Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Shrimp

Shrimp are undoubtedly one of the tastiest ocean critters that you could ever dunk in butter, but making the perfect shrimp is actually a little m ore complicated than you might think. Sure, you can make a great shrimp via steaming, baking, frying, grilling, and a number of methods as well. But cook too much, and your little guys will be tough. Skip the thaw, and your shrimp will be inconsistently cooked. Pick the wrong shrimp product, and no amount of prep or talent will give you the end dish that you’re looking for. For a small creature, the shrimp sure is tough to cook correctly! We’ll cover all of the pitfalls in this deceptively tough protein. These are big mistakes everyone makes when cooking shrimp.


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Wrong shrimp | 0:00
Old shrimp | 1:08
"Fresh" shrimp | 1:54
Not defrosting | 2:44
Improper defrosting | 3:38
Shells off | 4:25
Brutal deveining | 5:04
Not brining | 5:42
Overcooking | 6:32
Under-seasoning | 7:32
Skipping skewers | 8:34
Trashing the shells | 9:27

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