Best Homemade Butter in 5 Minutes

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Best Homemade Butter Recipe in 5 Minutes

• Prep Time: 5 mins.
• Total Time: 5 mins.

This recipe makes 2 sticks/12oz/350g of butter.

• 3 cups (750ml/25 fl oz) Double/Heavy Cream (high-fat content).
• ½ tsp Salt.
• 5 tbsp Ice Cold Water.

1. Pour the double/heavy cream into a medium size bowl or your food processor.
2. Whip the cream for about 4 minutes. At this stage, the cream should be fully separated. You will see yellow butter and cloudy white liquid.
3. Once it separates, pour in the ice-cold w ater. This helps isolate the butter fully from the liquid (buttermilk).
4. Mix once more for about 20 to 30 seconds until the butter comes together.
5. Place a sieve over a bowl and pour in the contents of the bowl.
6. The leftover liquid is buttermilk and can be stored in the fridge and used for baking.
7. Squeeze the butter in your hands to remove any remaining buttermilk. By doing this the butter will not be too wet and the butter will keep for longer. Also, you can use a clean tea towel or a cheesecloth to squeeze it if you prefer.
8. If you want your butter to be salted then add ½ tsp of salt and stir it thoroughly into your butter.
9. This recipe will yield over 2 sticks/12oz/350g of butter.
10. Mmm Scrummy!!!


• Store in the fridge for 6 weeks.

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