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Ta’ameya, is Egyptian falafel made with fava beans rather than chickpeas. It has an insanely crispy exterior and a fluffy interior that’s not matched by any other falafel. This recipe shows you how to make Egyptian Ta’ameya, just like you’d get on the streets of Cairo, and I’ll give you the secret technique that gets it really fluffy.


Taameya Batter
400g Split Fava beans
100g Spring Onions
100g Leeks
50g Coriander
50g Parsley
4 Cloves of garlic
2 Tsp Dried Coriander
1 Tsp Cumin
1 Tsp Cayenne
2.5 Tsp salt
1l (1 quart) vegetable oil for frying

Harissa Filling
1 Medium Brown Onion
1.5 Tbsp of Harissa
1.5 Tbsp of Red Pepper or tomato paste
1 Tbsp of Olive Oil
1/4 Tsp Cumin
1/4 Tsp salt
1/4 Tsp Pepper
1/4 Tsp Coriander

1/4 Cup Coriander seeds

1/4 Cup Sesame

To make the batter:

  1. Wash your fava beans thoroughly in the sink, then place in a bowl and cover with water. Allow them to soak for a minimum of 8 hours
  2. Once doubled in size, drain the fava beans and set them aside
  3. Wash your leeks, spring onions, coriander and parsley, then roughly chop them up
  4. Add the greens to your food processor and add the beans on top (The weight of the beans will help force the herbs into the blade)
  5. Process everything until a finely minced paste forms, then add the salt and spices
  6. Mix together thoroughly until well combined then set aside

To make the stuffing:

  1. Dice your onion into a small dice, then place in a pot over medium heat with 1 tbsp of olive oil
  2. Saute until the onions start to soften then add the Harissa, Red Pepper paste and the seasonings
  3. Add a small amount of water to form a sauce, then allow it to cook down and thicken
  4. Repeat adding water and allowing the topping to reduce until the onions are cooked through

To make the topping:

  1. Using a pestle and mortar, lightly crush the Coriander seeds till you can smell their aroma
  2. Combine the coriander with the sesame and it’s ready to use

To whip up the batter:

  1. Add about a quarter of the batter to a stand mixer, and whisk it on medium speed for about 5 minutes
  2. When it is light and fluffy it’s ready to be used
  3. Use the whipped mixture immediately as it will deflate quickly

To shape the falafel:

  1. Wet the palm of your hand or a piece of parchment paper, very lightly
  2. Place about 2-3 Tbsp (or 1 ice cream scoop) of Batter on the paper/your hand then lightly flatten it using very little pressure
  3. Wet your second hand and press it into the topping, then lightly press the topping to the batter so it sticks
  4. Flip your Ta’ameya onto your second hand or another piece of parchment paper then apply the topping this side as well
  5. Fry the ta’ameya within 5 minutes otherwise it will deflate

To stuff the falafel:

  1. Repeat steps 1-2 from above, making it slightly smaller
  2. Place a small amount of filling on top of the batter and flatten it out
  3. Add more batter on top then join the sides together
  4. Add the topping to both sides or leave plain to differentiate it

To fry the falafel:

  1. Heat your oil to 160c or 320f, then add your falafel in
  2. Once added, baste the top with hot oil so it solidifies, then fry for 2-3 minutes on this side
  3. Flip over once browned then fry for another 2-3 minutes
  4. When that time is up, fry it for 2 more minutes on each side
  5. Remove from the oil and drain, before placing it on a paper towel lined tray to dry

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