Ask Adam: Cotton candy flavor, Trader Joe’s, and why recipes call for HOT pans (PODCAST E7)

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On this episode of the podcast, Adam talks about how cotton candy tastes exactly like sugar, experiences everyone should go through while turning 30, green meatballs and more.


00:00 Why cotton candy does just taste like sugar
03:30 Why do pan manufacturers advise medium heat while recipe writers advise high heat?
21:00 What one experience should everybody have before turning 30?
26:49 Are you tired of hearing Rocky Top yet?
27:54 New rules for submitting questions
31:32 Opinions on Trader Joe’s?
37:44 How do you block out negativity while being receptive to criticism?
49:15 Failure of the week: the green meatballs
54:21 What’s a "foreign" dish that has disappointed you?

Hpnotiq Creamsicle 🍦 #shorts
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