Appam & Veg Stew Combo Breakfast Meal – No Soda, No Yeast with 6 Basic Tips | Soft Kerala Palappam

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appam recipe | How to Make Homemade Kerala Appam Batter & Veg Stew with detailed photo and video recipe. Perhaps one of the popular and healthy comfort food recipes for morning breakfast from south Indian cuisine. It is basically prepared by mixing rice and coconut together to form a thin and watery batter which is later fermented for a perfect texture. it is generally served with spicy veg or meat-based curry but a perfect combination is to serve with vegetable stew curry.


appam recipe | How to Make Homemade Kerala Appam Batter & Veg Stew with step by step photo and video recipe. rice and urad dal based recipes are super popular across south India and are prepared mainly for breakfast. the most common recipes are idli and dosa, but they can also be prepared with other forms carrying the same texture and ingredients. one such hugely popular dosa like a recipe is the appam recipe from the Kerala cuisine known for its unique shape and softness.



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