An amazing way to prepare old-fashioned scallops! So creamy and quick!

It’s so rare that I offer you fish / shellfish recipes! As French, we have many delicious fish recipes. But here it is an English recipe that piqued my curiosity! Here is a surprising way to prepare scallops. A recipe that dates back to the Roaring Twenties, simple but delicious and creamy (thanks to its spicy béchamel sauce)! Poach the scallops and put them under the oven grill for 1 min. It’s very fast ! You can also poach them in spiced milk (that’s what I do for my fish pie). In France we like to add white wine, small vegetables such as leeks, other shellfish/seafood, vegetable broth, champagne, mushrooms, etc… I will offer you my version for the holidays the end of the year. Good tasting !


Ingredients :
2 scallops
25g butter
15g flour
180 ml of milk (¾ cup)
A little lemon zest

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