American Foods That Are Surprisingly Banned In Other Countries

Colorful treats, iconic sodas, even staple dairy products — if you live in the United States, there’s a lot of food you might take for granted. In fact, a number of the items you throw into your grocery cart without much thought are only available inside the U.S. Why, you ask?

There’s a whole host of reasons why an American food item might be banned elsewhere in the world, including having unhealthy additives on its ingredient list or being modified in a lab. From coffee creamer to M&Ms, here are some common American foods that are surprisingly banned in other countries.


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Coffee creamer | 0:00
American Coke | 1:37
rGBH milk | 2:51
All Trumps Flour | 3:58
Hawaiian papaya | 5:05
Chlorinated chicken | 6:21
Farmed salmon | 7:31
Beyond Meatballs | 8:51
Twinkies | 10:05
M&M’s | 11:06

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