70s Foods That Are Weirdly Making A Comeback


70s Foods That Are Weirdly Making A Comeback

When it comes to food, not every hot new trend ends up being a good idea — just crack open some old cookbooks and see how many savory Jell-O molds and mayonnaise salads you’d want to dine on today.

But sometimes, even good ideas can fall out of fashion, only to re-emerge decades later as a new generation comes to appreciate a forgotten foodie trend. Now that fifty years have passed, these foods from the 1970s are feeling totally new again.

From convenience foods like condensed soup and boxed cake mix to cheese fondue and casseroles, these are all the 70s foods that are weirdly making a comeback.

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Cheese fondue | 0:00
Casseroles | 0:51
Microwaving | 1:30
Boxed cake mix | 2:01
Poke cake | 2:44
Pop rocks | 3:20
Pudding | 3:46
Sloppy joes | 4:14
Peanut butter | 4:46
Condensed soup | 5:26
Oatmeal | 6:01
Boxed mac and cheese | 6:40

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