7-Layer Tacos And Blue Corn Quesadillas From Villas Tacos | $treet Eats LA

7-Layer Tacos And Blue Corn Quesadillas From Villas Tacos | $treet Eats LA

Villas Tacos in LA is sending out delicious, 7-layer tacos, mulitas, and quesadillas from owner Victor Villas grandmother’s yard. When COVID hit Victor switched from a food cart to setting up mesquite grills at the Highland Park residence and has been making waves on social media with vibrant tacos wrapped in cheesy-blue tortillas. Here’s everything you can get at Villa’s along with 4 family-recipe salsas and vegan-friendly proteins.

Follow Villas on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/villastacoslosangeles/?hl=en

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7-Layer Tacos And Blue Corn Quesadillas From Villas Tacos | $treet Eats LA

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