6 Things You Should Never Order From A Hibachi Restaurant

To be clear up front here: We know there’s a difference between hibachi and teppanyaki. Hibachi grills are small and use charcoal or wood, while teppanyaki grills are larger and use gas. In the U.S., though, the terms are used more or less interchangeably, so when we say "hibachi restaurant," we mean both.


And, as might be obvious, the best stuff to get at those restaurants is grilled food. Meat, veggies, seafood. Fried rice. Once you veer away from those menu items, you’re taking a risk. And some things you should just steer clear of completely. Here are six things you should never order from a hibachi restaurant, as well as some things you should.


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Tempura | 0:00
Sushi | 1:13
Miso Soup | 2:06
Seaweed Salad | 2:54
Poké | 4:05
Grilled Eel | 4:54
Yum Yum Sauce | 5:58
Grilled Chicken | 7:03
Specialty Beef | 8:01
Volcano Onion | 9:19
Yakitori | 10:37
Fried Rice | 11:20

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